Recognition for Our Clients’ Success

Cenergistic regularly recognizes outstanding client results. These clients are examples of our most successful partnerships, and we believe their tremendous results and exemplary stewardship of financial and environmental resources are worth recognizing.

Cenergistic’s data- and technology-powered process involves implementing best practices in energy conservation. Our awards acknowledge and honor the exceptional efforts of everyone in our client organizations who have contributed toward achieving these great results.

Cenergistic offers six awards:

Stewardship Award

Recognizes Cenergistic clients for good stewardship resulting in a positive impact on the environment, including decreased carbon emissions and the conservation of natural resources.

Excellence Award

Recognizes clients who have successfully saved at least $1 million by implementing Cenergistic’s energy management program.

Pacesetter Award

Recognizes Cenergistic clients who have achieved stellar results, setting the pace for other organizations by ably demonstrating that optimum savings can be achieved.

Environmental Excellence Award

Recognizes clients for their conservation program's success in environmental and financial savings.

Chairman's Sustainability Award

Recognizes the “best of the best” Cenergistic clients for a sustained program of excellence in environmental and financial good stewardship through energy conservation.

Lighthouse Award

Recognizes clients for successfully sustaining their Cenergistic program over a number of years and serving as a beacon for other clients.

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