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Missouri: Grandview Schools Receive Energy Lighthouse Award for long-term Conservation Savings

Monday, June 12, 2006


GRANDVIEW — Grandview School District’s 10-year energy conservation effort has earned national recognition for saving the district more than $3.3 million dollars. The district will receive the Energy Lighthouse Award from Energy Education, Inc. during the School Board meeting Thursday, June 15.

Grandview School District has achieved $3,330,499 — an outstanding 35 percent average cost savings in a bit more than 10 years since forming a strategic alliance with Energy Education, Inc., a national energy conservation company.

“Reaching this savings mark is a significant milestone. Grandview School District has achieved success by consistently implementing the people-oriented approach to energy conservation and maintaining productive efforts at all levels of the organization. The superintendent and school board, along with other administration, faculty and staff members are to be commended for clearly fulfilling their commitment to being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money and the environment,” said Dr. William S. Spears, CEO and founder of Energy Education, Inc.

“Strong support from Dr. John Martin and the school board have created an atmosphere of cooperation that should continue to grow and ensure even greater success well into the future,” Dr. Spears said.

“I am extremely pleased to present Grandview School District with our Energy Lighthouse Award. The district joins a very committed group of school districts across the country working hard to achieve energy savings so the dollars saved can be redirected to educational needs,” said Dr. Spears.

Dr. John Martin, Superintendent, said, “CSD#4 has added over 125,000 square feet in the years I have been here and with the help of Energy Education, Inc., we use about the same amount of energy today that we did ten years ago. This program has saved the district significant money during a time of rising energy costs. That money has been redirected to the schools for people and programs. Energy Education, Inc. has been good for CSD#4 and its students.”

A key benefit of the Energy Education, Inc. program is that all costs come out of the existing utility budget, with savings projected to more than pay for the program, as they have done for Grandview School District. Additional savings can be redirected to other parts of the district’s budget. Many districts credit the program with helping keep personnel and programs that would otherwise have fallen victim to budget cuts — a very real concern with today’s school funding crisis.

As a key part of the program, district Energy Manager Mr. Dan Kropp tracks energy consumption — including electricity, water, sewer, natural gas and fuel oil — using energy-accounting software. He compares current energy use to a baseline period and calculates the amount of energy that would have been used had conservation and management practices not been implemented. By tracking consumption and analyzing energy use, he can quickly identify and correct areas that need immediate attention.

Energy Education, Inc.’s innovative energy conservation program is a win-win alliance that trains school district personnel to create substantial energy savings, and is funded solely by the savings the program generates. Districts can redirect additional saved energy dollars to educational resources. Energy Education, Inc. has worked with more than 750 school districts across the nation, positively impacting the educational environment of nearly ten million children and helping school districts save more than $1 billion in 20 years.

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