Energy Savings that Empower Quality Patient Care

As a healthcare institution, your number one priority is clear: providing quality and affordable care to your patients. If you’re like many institutions, your energy costs are among your top expenses — often second only to personnel. Every dollar spent on a utility bill is a dollar not spent on patient care.

Cenergistic works with a variety of healthcare providers to reduce energy consumption and put more dollars to work improving patient care. The hospital at Oklahoma State University implemented a Cenergistic energy conservation program as part of its university-wide program, which has produced as much as 26% in energy savings. Presbyterian Communities & Services in Dallas, Texas, one of the highest-regarded senior residences in America, implemented a Cenergistic program that has delivered savings virtually from the start.
Our work in healthcare is based on a core principle: that energy conservation programs first do no harm. Patient comfort and safety — as well as the comfort and safety of staff — is paramount. Each of our energy conservation programs for healthcare facilities has delivered significant savings without negatively impacting care or comfort. In fact, most clients report enhanced conditions for all constituents.

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