No Capital Investment and We Bear the Burden of Risk

Our guarantee is straightforward: if you do not save at least as much as you invest implementing our solution, we write a check for the difference. In other words, it is impossible to lose money in a relationship with Cenergistic. More than 99% of our clients save well in excess of what they invest.

When you partner with Cenergistic, we’ll shape your energy future.

Since 1986, Cenergistic has produced results unique among energy conservation companies.  Cenergistic is the only company offering a combination of tools, training, technology, engineering and analysis that are guaranteed to reduce energy costs.

We can also provide long-term support – an option to have our energy consultants available to provide technical assistance and guidance for as long as you need it.

Our role is to make sure it continues to deliver results for you.

Cenergistic: Your Trusted Energy Advisor.

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