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Texas: Burleson ISD Buildings Earn Energy-Efficient Certifications

Monday, October 24, 2016

Cleburne Times Review


Burleson ISD was recently recognized for earning Energy Star Certifications for 15 of its school buildings, placing the district’s buildings in the top 25 percent of the most energy-efficient nationwide.

Principals from Burleson, Crossroads and Centennial high schools, Hughes and Kerr middle schools, STEAM Academy at Stribling Elementary School, Academy of Leadership & Technology at Mound Elementary School, Academy of the Arts at Bransom Elementary School, Academy at Nola Dunn and Brock, Taylor, Norwood, Hajek, Frazier and Clinkscale elementary schools were given certificates for their schools at a recent district leadership meeting.

Superintendent Bret Jimerson said he is excited about the district receiving these certifications.

“Energy conservation has been a focus for the district, to reduce our environmental footprint while also reducing operating expenses,” Jimerson said. “This year alone, BISD avoided $700,000 in energy costs.”

Cenergistic Energy Specialist Melissa Hatton, along with her team, gathered the information for the schools to receive the certificates.

Cenergistic is a company that helps their clients take control of their energy costs. Leveraging their data and technology through their proven energy conservation program, clients can achieve their goals, whether it’s hiring new staff or reducing their overhead.

Their clients include school districts, institutions of higher education, large churches, health care institutions and other organizations that share a commitment to fiscal and social responsibility and the wise use of limited financial and environmental resources.

Hatton said she had a professional engineer inspect the school buildings. She and her team reported the data they collected, including measuring the amount of electricity, water, sewerage and irrigation the buildings used.

“A day in my life consists of gathering data, all the utility bills,” Hatton said. “That’s all the commodities. This allows me to monitor the usage of these commodities that we analyze every month.”

They compare the data they collect with the data they collected the previous year. Each of their clients have to reapply for the service every year.

“It is something that all school districts could do,” Hatton said. “It does cost quite a bit of money. Some school districts don’t do it every year.”

Hatton said they contract with BISD every year. The district has received certifications like these in the past.

The only school that did not receive a certificate was the STEAM Middle School of Choice because they just opened last year, Hatton said.

“This really is a team effort,” Hatton said. “We couldn’t do it without all the school district’s administrators, teachers and staff.”

So far this year, 198 kindergarten through 12th grade school buildings earned energy-efficient certifications in Texas.

“So, it’s pretty cool that 15 of those were in Burleson ISD,” Hatton said.

Jimerson said energy conservation is a continuous goal the district works toward for each campus and that will remain unchanged.

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